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The Racing Table - $199.00 Products
We make tables and that's it!  However, these tables are made to order, so there are a few items that you can customize.  Since we are making these from scratch with a lot of loving care, we ask that you give us a couple weeks to complete your order.  It's worth it!

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
This is the one that made us famous.  Our racing table is 4' x 6' and weighs about 60 lbs.  The base model is made with folding banquet style legs that allow for easy storage.   Wooden legs are also available if desired.  The standard table is 30" tall.  The wooden legs can be made to any height desired.  It is recommended that the table come up to mid-stomach level for children to allow ease of use.  That being said, if you have multiple kids at multiple heights, that's fine, the table will work for all heights.  

The hole in the center of the table allows your child to play with the entire surface without walking around the table and bumping into things and corners.  The race track has 24 pit lanes on pitroad.  The table also comes with removable velcro markers with standard car numbers that can be placed at the pits and the finishing order strip to mark where each car goes.  The name on the table can also be customized for small extra charge.  You can have your very own "Billy" Motor Speedway. 

The table does not come with cars.  Those should be purchased separately.  Please visit the photo gallery for additional photos.
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